More than ever, cancer patients are surviving their disease and can look forward to the future. Many therapies that improve survival for cancer patients have side effects including loss of fertility and early menopause. Despite this, the ability to have children and build a family after treatment is very possible.

The Fertility Preservation Program at Sound Fertility Care aims to provide good options for preserving fertility in patients facing fertility-threatening therapies.


Advantages of Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients at Sound Fertility

  • Consult with the Expert: Start with easy and timely access to direct physician consultation
  • Program Discounts: Discounts for self-pay costs if fertility preservation is not a covered benefit
  • Free Medications: Facilitate timely access to donated fertility medications through advocacy programs, such as Livestrong Fertility, and others for qualifying patients
  • Exceptional Patient Care: Provide outstanding care of patients throughout their fertility preservation treatments
  • Communication: Maintain constant communication with the cancer care team to avoid any delays to cancer treatments

Outstanding care of patients throughout their

fertility preservation treatments



Fertility Preservation Options Before Cancer Treatment

Prior to beginning cancer therapy, we work with you to preserve your fertility so that side effects are minimized.

In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Banking

Embryo banking is the most established form of fertility preservation and is an excellent option for women who have a male partner or are interested in using donor sperm. For breast cancer patients, there are specific ovarian stimulation protocols that may be considered to reduce exposure to estrogen.

You can read more about IVF at Sound Fertility here.

Egg Banking

In recent years, significant advances in freezing eggs for future use have made this an ideal option for single women. Early clinical experiences show that egg banking have similar success to embryo banking.

Ovarian Tissue Banking

One ovary is removed through a minor surgical procedure called laparoscopy. The portion of ovary containing eggs is frozen for later use. This option is experimental but may be the best option for woman who must start their cancer treatments immediately.

Fertility Sparing Surgery

For patients who will receive abdominal or pelvic irradiation, it may possible to move the ovaries surgically out of the field of radiation. For patients with early stage gynecologic cancers, it may be possible to conserve reproductive organs at cancer surgery.

Additional Options

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, ovarian suppression, ovarian shielding, psychological support and financial counseling are among other options discussed at a fertility preservation consultation.

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Fertility Treatment Options After Cancer Therapy

After cancer therapy, we work with you to determine the best way forward to starting or expanding your family.

Fertility Treatment and Assisted Reproduction

For women who are subfertile after cancer therapy, traditional assisted reproductive technologies may be appropriate to help some cancer survivors achieve pregnancy.

Third Party Reproduction: Egg Donation

For cancer survivors who become menopausal or diminished with cancer treatment, egg donation is a highly effective option for becoming pregnant.

Third Party Reproduction: Gestational Surrogacy

Because some women are unable to carry a pregnancy after cancer therapy, having a gestational surrogate carry their pregnancy may be an option for these cancer survivors.


Taking The Next Step

The next step is scheduling an initial consultation where we can discuss your specific case and work together to create a fertility plan that ensures you the highest chance of successfully starting your family after your cancer treatment is complete.